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The EEA exists to foster unity and evangelical identity and provide a voice and platform to evangelical Christians. Our mission can be best summarized with the words: Connect, Equip and Represent.The EEA is part of the World Evangelical Alliance (

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Mission-Net is both a bi-annual congress and a growing movement among Europe’s young Christians (16 – 30 years old).

Commissioned by the European Evangelical Missionary Association (EEMA) and the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA), Mission-Net exists to encourage and promote Mission-Net movements at a national and regional level across Europe; and to bring young Christians together for mutual encouragement, teaching, training and mobilisation at the Mission-Net congress every two years.

The Mission-Net congress is a gathering of around 3,000 younger Christians from across Europe that are willing to consider living a missional lifestyle; those people who are willing to live out their faith everyday and make a difference in their world, wherever God calls them to live. The Mission-Net network currently extends to about 1.5 million young Christians across Europe.

What can a missional lifestyle look like:

  • It starts with where I am and where God has placed me
  • It is being concerned about what breaks God´s heart
  • It is about being involved locally but having a global vision
  • It is being cross culturally aware and seeking to build God´s Kingdom whatever call he has placed on my life
  • There is no hierarchy in God´s Kingdom with part or full-timers. God wants everyone involved

TRANSFORMING  –As Christians we want to display God´s transforming power in society, through the credible witness of our public and private lives.

OUR – It is not about individualism but about doing it together. As we act in this way, we model to the world the unity of the Body of Christ.

WORLD -It starts where we live, but a missional lifestyle goes beyond my neighbourhood, to my country, my continent and ultimately to the ends of the world.

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