Coordinator: Vacant


Short introduction

The One People Network exists to:

  • acknowledge the national diversity, ethnicities and individuals that exists within the EEA church communities by highlighting the importance of coming together as one.
  • promote and profile the message of unity through the EEA channels to nations and their leaders.
  • help the EEA relate more widely and encouraging others to do the same within diverse ethnic churches in Europe.
  • Help the EEA Board, Council, staff, national offices and the Networks better reflect the inclusion and diversity.
  • encourage the EEA to speak out on new issues with new voices especially around diversity, inclusion and integration.
  • help to enlarge the EEA membership with a greater diversity of emerging ethnic churches in Europe especially among the youth and young adult.



The Vision is to see diverse evangelical churches across different nations in Europe to flourish with vibrant tapestry of people from all nations, tribes and tongues and diverse background as one.