Video recordings

Welcome Message  –
Thomas Bucher

Looking @ Europe  –
Jeff Fountain

European Voice, Local Traction –
Julia D.-P. and Arie de P.

Illustrations of Local Traction –
Story Sharing from All over Europe

Under Compulsion –
Daniel Topalski

Success Factors for the Healthy Develop-
ment of NEAs/Networks/Affiliates

Wrap-up and Prayer –
Thomas Bucher and Ylli Doçi

Walking in Faith, not in Fear –
Connie Main Duarte

History and Current State of EEA –
Frank Hinkelmann and Thomas Bucher

Wrap-up and Prayer –
Thomas Bucher and Helen Calder

Exodus 22-23 –
Gabriel Markus

Successfully Being a European Voice with Local Traction – Richard and Maria Kane

Presentation of the
Hope for Europe Award 2020

Exodus 22-23 –
Gabriel Markus

Perspectives from
General Secretaries

Wrap-up of the Conference and Prayer –
Thomas Bucher


European Voice, Local Traction – The Bridge between European Level Thinking & the National & Local Level

The Healthy Development of an EEA Hope for Europe Network – European Freedom Network


Illustrations of local traction – Refugee work of EA Greece

Successfully being a European voice with local traction – the example of ‘Marriage Week’

Looking @ Europe – Keynote speaker Jeff Fountain

Seeing God @ Work – Keynote speaker Jeff Fountain

Libre de le dire – A campaign to promote FORB in France

Resources from the GA Padlet

Europe – A most strategic mission field 

The Founding of the EEA as a Counter-Movement to the World Evangelical Fellowship

The Lausanne Movement and the World Evangelical Alliance

National Evangelical Alliance Development Indicators

Under Compulsion – A Bible Study by Daniel Topalski

Ministry to Migrants and Asylum Seekers – A Guide for Evangelical Churches

CNEF Libre De Le Dire Guidelines 2015

Care Center for Refugees – EA Greece

European Freedom Network

Don´t shut your eyes to what is really happening with porn

Marriage Week International