Chair: Mrs. Elke Werner

Co-Chair: Mrs. Hannelore Illgen

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Short Introduction

The European initiative Women in Leadership started in 1993 with international and interdenominational conferences – under the umbrella of Hope for Europe. This umbrella was created in 1992 by the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA), the Lausanne Movement and another international evangelistic initiative, to shape the future of a united Europe – after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain.


– to inspire, encourage and equip women for their personal life and in leadership
– to model, how God uses women in his Kingdom in a variety of ways
– to challenge women, to share the transforming Gospel with women in their country through united national initiatives.


A team of women from different European nations, who are rooted in the Evangelical Alliance, the Lausanne Movement or denominational and interdenominational networks, is planning and performing every second year a European wide conference. These gatherings are including ladies from some countries bordering Europe, like Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Azerbaijan and others.

Actually the team consists of 11 ladies from 8 nations (Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, The Netherlands, UK).


* Women in Leadership is partnering with the „Global Consultation for Christian Women in International Leadership”, called Rise in Strength, and recommends the outcomes, like the “Call to All Christians” in ten

* We recommend the study “Women and the Church”, done by the Irish Christian VOX Magazine and the “Young Women’s Christian Association”, which can be downloaded here.

Prayer points

  1. Let us pray that

– the women and girls, who have been hurt in their church, will be recognized and receive appreciation, because they are loved, valued and equipped by God with gifts, like men and boys.

– women and girls are recognized as partners in the Kingdom, welcome and valued with all their God-given gifts and callings.

– our communities and leadership structures are encouraging and freeing women and girls to contribute and serve in the Church of Jesus Christ.

  1. Let us pray that

– the Church is attentive to the voices of women in its communities, including experiences, perspectives, joys and sufferings.

– violence in all its forms towards women and girls is acknowledged and treated emphatically, not only outside the Church, but also inside. Abuse within the church has often not been identified and/or neglected.

– there will be a positive dialogue and repenting of mistakes and pain, which the Church has sometimes caused concerning women and girls and that reconciliation will be sought, which will bring empowerment in Christ and what will make the Church a safe place for women, girls, men and boys.

  1. Let us pray that

–  the spiritual gifts of all women and girls are seen as resources, which God has given for the full health and strength of the whole Church in every sector of its ministry and in society.

– all churches commit to collaboration between women and men in all areas of the Church ministry.

– women and girls can take up leadership positions in the Church and wider society, including training and development.

White paper

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