• “Women in Leadership 2021” Network-Conference planned!

    “Women in Leadership 2021” Network-Conference planned!0

    The next Women in Leadership 2021 will take place from 26 – 29 May 2021 in Oradea/West-Romania (close to the Hungarian border). Under the theme “Windows of Opportunity”, the network Women in Leadership invites women leaders from all across Europe to give a glimpse into their world and teach from their experience.

  • New Report available on “Women and the Church” in Ireland

    New Report available on “Women and the Church” in Ireland0

    The report displays the findings of VOX magazine´s “3:28 Churches?” survey, which has been conducted in July and August 2018 in Ireland. Discovering a lack of data on women´s experiences in the church and the attitudes towards women in the church, the magazine saw a need for actual research in the field. Therefore, a survey was created that would provide answers to questions addressing the experiences gained of women in a Christian setting, the attitudes of Christian men toward women, and the theological positions on the role of women.