2017 General Assembly of EEA took place from 9-12 October in Prague, Czech Republic. It was a gathering of some 100 evangelical leaders and it was a blessed time of  fellowship and encouragement.

The theme of 2017 was:
Mission in Europe 500 years after the Reformation
Europe in a secular, post secular, postmodern, post Christendom, post communism context

Download the Programme Booklet to read the summaries of the presented topics as well as the bios of the speakers this year.

Look in the Picture Gallery for an impression of this year the General Assembly captured by Herman Spaargaren and Indrek Luide.


Thomas Bucher: (audio) Opening words
Jiří Unger: (audio) Welcome on behalf of the Czech Evangelical Alliance
Hester Zoutman: (audio) Presentation of Hope for Europe Tallinn 2018
Julia Doxat-Purser and Arie de Pater: (audio) The work of EEA Socio-Political Team
Hester Zoutman: (audio) Youth work in Europe and Mission Net congress

Bible Studies with Dr Rosalee Velloso – Principal of Redcliffe College and  Executive Director of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance.
(audio) Who are we? Evangelical identity in Europe 500 years after the Reformation (Genesis 11-12, Acts 2)
(audio) Who are our neighbours? Listening to the Holy Spirit with others (Luke 5 and Acts 10)
(audio) Where are we going? Being God’s missionary people in the 21st century (Jonah & Philippians 2)

Serie of  lections on Europe by Prof. dr. Evert Van de Poll – Professor of Religious Studies and Missiology at the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven, Belgium.
(audio) Barriers and bridges for the Gospel in a world become ‘post…’  +  PowerPoint file
(audio) The challenges of a society becoming more secular  +  PowerPoint file
(audio) Evangelicals and Nominalism and how does it feed into nationalism  +  PowerPoint file

Lection by Prof. Thomas K. Johnson, Ph.D. – Vice President for Research, Martin Bucer Seminary; Special Advisor for the International Institute for Religious Freedom(WEA); Professor of Philosophy, Global Scholars; Board President of the Comenius Institute (Prague); and an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America.

(audio) Evangelicals, Roman Catholics and Evangelisation’

Lection by Prof. Dr. Johannes Reimer – Director of Peace and Reconciliation Network (WEA); Professor of Missiology and Intercultural theology at the Ewersbach University of Applied Arts in Germany and the University of South Africa.(PowerPoint file) ‘Evangelicals and reconciliation between the peoples of Europe’Special Evening programme:

Dave Patty: (audio) European Youth in 2017 +  PowerPoint file
Krish Kandiah: (audio) Home for  Good

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