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EEA General Assembly, Germany, 8th October 2015

Throughout history, there have been mass movements of people into, out of and across Europe. As a result, we have seen invasion and conflict, prejudice and persecution, changing country borders and evolving and blending rich cultures. Read more

EEA General Assembly

Find out about the EEA General Assembly, 5-8 October in Germany.

Theme is: From Exclusion to Inclusion. The excellent speakers will share with us on their work in Europe. Read more

Refugees crisis

As innocent blood is being spilled and people’s rights are being deprived in Iraq, Syria and many other places in the world, what do we do? While the root causes of the crisis in the Middle East remain inappropriately tackled, a humanitarian crisis of biblical proportions is pushing hundreds of thousands of families and individuals to flee their homelands.  (more…)

Central African Platform Awarded

Central African Republic’s Religious Leaders Receive Prestigious Honor

One afternoon on December 10, 2013, a group of young men from Lakounga, a suburb in the Central African Republic’s (CAR) capital, Bangui, sought out to destroy neighboring shops owned by Muslims. Upon hearing of the attack, one of the local parish’s Catholic priests countered the adolescent men, and with the help of fellow neighbors, persuaded them to refrain from attacking the Muslims stores, a peaceful gesture between faiths largely uncommon in the embattled country. Read full article

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CONNECT for Common Action

As Europe’s largest evangelical association, the EEA connects many church networks, ministries and organisations for greater strategic impact.


EQUIP for European Impact

Through its networks and initiatives, the EEA serves to equip its members by making available expertise,


REPRESENT with a European Voice

The EEA is uniquely positioned as a representative voice; advancing biblical beliefs and values, addressing public concerns and advocating for justice from an evangelical perspective.

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General Assembly 2015

The EEA General Assembly 2015 will be from October 5-8, 2015 in Germany. We will stay at Schönblick Conference Centre in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. The centre… read more »

Visionary church

Conference of the European Disability Network and the Österreichische Evangelical Alliance. Our aim is to bring together people from as many areas as possible, to… read more »


Freedom Sunday 18 October

EU anti-trafficking day is on a Sunday this year. “Freedom Sunday” is an invitation for all to join in praying about the issues of human… read more »

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Attack Charlie Hebdo

Paris, France and the world is in schock over the brutal attack made at Charlie Hebdo. Mich prayer is needed for those people who lost… read more »