About EEA

The EEA exists to foster unity and evangelical identity and provide a voice and platform to evangelical Christians. Seeking empowerment by the Holy Spirit, it extends the Kingdom of God by proclamation of the Gospel to all nations and by Christ-centred transformation within society.

The European Evangelical Alliance brings together both the national Evangelical Alliances of Europe and a large number of pan-European mission agencies. It has existed as a regional group since the 1950’s, but traces its roots to the 1846 conference at which the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) was established. It is the European section of the WEA.  Seeking Christ-like transformation in Europe, the European Evangelical Alliance serves as the dynamic centre for equipping and resourcing, the European wide trusted Evangelical voice, and the connecting hub for greater strategic impact.

We aim to think globally and act locally, nationally and regionally. Our goal is to help one another to be contemporary Christian communities which both transform and redeem our wider communities. The EEA encourages national Alliances to serve one another, and seeks to develop national Evangelical Alliances where they do not yet exist.

Our mission can be best summarized with the words: Connect, Equip & Represent

Read here the EAA Vision, Mission, and Values document

The Refugee Campaign

The Refugee Campaign coordinates the efforts of many in order to help Evangelicals across Europe respond appropriately to the current asylum crisis. Visit our online platform www.eearefugees.org.


CONNECT for Common Action

As Europe’s largest evangelical association, the EEA connects many church networks, ministries and organisations for greater strategic impact. (more…)

EQUIP for European Impact

Through its networks and initiatives, the EEA serves to equip its members by making available expertise, (more…)

REPRESENT with a European Voice

The EEA is uniquely positioned as a representative voice; advancing biblical beliefs and values, addressing public concerns and advocating for justice from an evangelical perspective. (more…)


Basis of Faith

The European Evangelical Alliance is a fellowship of Christians who accept the revelation of the triune God given in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament and confess the faith of the Gospel therein set forth. They assert the following doctrines which they regard as crucial to the understanding of the faith, and which should issue in mutual love, practical Christian service and evangelistic concern:

  • The sovereignty and grace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in creation, providence, revelation, redemption, final judgement and consummation.
  • The divine inspiration of Holy Scripture and its entire trustworthiness and supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
  • The universal sinfulness and guilt of fallen man, making him subject to God's wrath and condemnation.
  • The substitutionary sacrifice of the incarnate Son of God as the sole and all-sufficient ground of redemption from the guilt and power of sin, and from its eternal consequences.
  • The justification of the sinner solely by the grace of God through faith in Christ crucified and risen from the dead.
  • The illuminating, regenerating, indwelling and sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.
  • The priesthood of all believers, who form the Universal Church, the body of which Christ is the head, and which is committed by His command to the proclamation of the Gospel throughout the world.
  • The expectation of'' the personal, visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ, in power and glory.