How to live together in an increasingly diverse society

How to live together in an increasingly diverse society

About ten years ago, the European Evangelical Alliance launched The Global Charter of Conscience. But now, the document is more relevant than ever.


In the Global Charter of Conscience, we plead for a civil public square with a space for each and every opinion, regardless whether the opinion is religiously or non-religiously motivated.


Our societies are increasingly diverse. There is beauty in variety, but it also comes with its challenges. On the market place of ideas, there might be quite a few we don’t like or even reject. We can wish these differences away but that’s not a very realistic scenario. So, how do we live together in all diversity? The Global Charter calls for open and respectful exchanges in the public sphere with a place for all, religious or non-religious, majority or minority.


Please, read the introduction to the Global Charter of Conscience here, and some Biblical thoughts on the Charter here.

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