2nd Reaching Europe’s Children Congress

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  • April 13, 2018
2nd Reaching Europe’s Children Congress

 7-12th May 2018 Hungary


A diversified and experienced European team has organized this 2nd Congress with special streams and workshops around effective mission and discipleship for and with children and teens.

We also want to create joint strategies together and believe that during this congress positive synergies can be created that will have their impact on a national level as well.

Visit the event website for more information: www.reachingeuropeschildren.com

New Nations, Special Offer & Sponsorship News 

So far 34 nations are joining us with the majority of delegates from Central and Eastern Europe, but we still have room for another 150 delegates! Each country is unique and has specific knowledge and experience to share.

To encourage more Western European delegates to come the price for them will remain at €325. The price for Eastern and Southern European delegates will remain at €275.

Thanks to the generosity of several generous donors we are able to offer sponsorship to delegates from Eastern Europe and the Southern European nations such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. We still have some funds available and would invite you to register and apply for sponsorship.

We can also offer a €200 sponsorship per person to the first 2 delegates from the following nations.

Austria                    Luxembourg

Cyprus                    Malta

France                    Norway

Greenland               Iceland

Lichtenstein             Sweden

San Marino