At your service

At your service

Freedom of religion or belief for all has always been a top priority for EEA, for our work in Brussels but also for our interactions with our members and partners.


The people most qualified to understand and respond well to the freedom of religion problems in a nation are, of course, those in that nation. So EEA is dedicated to strengthening its national Evangelical Alliances so that they can play their important role.


Our Advocacy Network brings together the Alliances who spend considerable time on religious freedom and other socio-political issues. New for January 2021 will be an online learning community for national Alliances who want to develop or strengthen their religious freedom capacity.


EEA also prioritises building collaborative relationships with specialists in religious freedom – NGOs, lawyers and media agencies – along with our members. This happens in particular at an annual weekend gathering where we track what is happening and consider wise responses.


We invite our members to contact the EEA team if you are interested in any of these initiatives.


We also hope you will make use of and translate the resources that you will find on our website.  This month, we are beginning a new series on religious freedom, with one or two new documents posted every month. For December, we start at the basics. What is freedom of religion or belief? And why is it important?


Thomas Bucher


General Secretary EEA


P.S. We are pleased to share in this newsletter some of the many ways that EEA staff and members work on religious freedom within Europe and around the world. We hope that they inspire you to persevere in your praying and working at national level and also to partner with us as EEA seeks to serve you.

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