Be part of the future of EEA

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  • December 12, 2018
Be part of the future of EEA

Buy your “Unity in diversity” cards now!

 A unique thank you card for your supporters and friends – privately or as an organisation.

As a follow-up of the Hope for Europe conference in Tallinn, we have printed Ain Vares’s painting “Unity in diversity” in two formats: Double card A6 and A5. The selling supports EEA and gives Ain Vares income as he shared his talent and time to paint live on stage at the conference. The cards are ready for shipping. Use it as a unique thank you card for your supporting friends! – as National Alliance, Network, Organisation or private to say thanks to your friends and supporters. Additionally, are prints of the painting available in different versions and formats.  

Support the personnel development of EEA!

Be part of the future of EEA and support the urgent needed strengthening of the EEA team!

This is a critical time for us and your timely participation is much needed. Strengthening the team is urgent and building stronger financial structure takes time. Additionally, we find ourselves in a deficit of 20’000 Euros with the Hope for Europe conference in Tallinn. As amazing as the Hope Event was, it was also a financial challenge. Are you willing to help build solid foundations that not only serve to keep the EEA active right now, but also for the future as the European challenges continue to grow and change? Thank you! Online PayPal donation & Shop link EEA information PDF & Price list cards and painting prints

The painting “Unity in Diversity” was created by the Estonian artist Ain Vares on stage during the evening plenaries of Hope for Europe. The painting is available for sale as cards and as reproduction prints in different formats. The selling supports EEA and the artist.

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