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by Harry Bryans Recently reading the Biblical account of the life of Josiah in 2 Kings 22-23 and 2 Chronicles 34-35 reminded me again of the powerful influence parents and grandparents can have! Becoming King of Judah at 8 years of age with a heart already sensitive to God, at 16 he devoted himself to serving God, at 20 he introduced major religious reform in the nation and at 24 had the temple restored. After rediscovering the Word of God during the restoration work he led the nation in a renewed dedication and worship toward God. The children and youth of our nations today can also know God deeply and be His instruments of blessing and transformation in society. dec 2013 harry 1                    4-14 Window Movement Global Summit in Bangkok, Thailand 15-18 October: Over 800 participants were at the recent Summit for which the theme was “Empowering the Body of Christ to embrace children and youth as partners in mission.” The focus was on seeing children “rooted” in their faith and relationship with God, and as affirmed disciples of Jesus “released” as partners in the mission He has entrusted to everyone in His Church. The Summit videos are now available online in multiple languages along with 14 short teaching animations. These animations are progressively being translated and made available in many of the European languages and can be found at dec 2013 hary To find a specific language such as French go to For other languages simply replace the last word “french” with the language you are looking for: albanian, dutch, english, flemish, italian, polish, portuguese, russian, spanish, ukranian, etc. If there are none available in the language it will say “This Page Could Not Be Found ». Other languages will progressively be added. This is the last 4-14 Window Movement Global Summit for several years allowing focus to be given on regional and national consultations / forums about how to effectively disciple each new generation from the earliest age. Deuteronomy ch 4 to 6 and Ephesians ch 4 to 6 underline that this is the responsibility of both the parents and the whole local church community. The Church in Europe is presently losing 80% of its youth by the time they reach 18 years old. Pray as we seek the best way forward in each nation to involve church, family, youth and children’s ministry leaders, as well as Christian theologians, teachers, social workers, artists, politicians and media leaders. Recognising the strategic role of Bible colleges and seminaries in training and equipping tomorrow’s leaders, it was particularly exciting to be given the opportunity this autumn to speak to students of Tyndale Seminary in Amsterdam and All Nations Bible College in London. May what was shared along with the resources given have an impact on generations to come and in ever-widening circles !dec 2013 harry 3 As the year quickly speeds on, pray that many youth from across Europe will register for the 3rd Mission-Net event in Offenburg, Germany 28th December – 2nd January. I am helping coordinate the workshops related to children’s ministry and 6 of our church youth group will be coming with me. The Reaching Europe’s Children Facilitation team is organizing a special additional day of training (30th – 31st Jan) for any European Family, Youth or Children’s Ministry leaders also coming to the Family and Children’s Ministry Conference in Eastbourne, UK. Every year  the Hand in Hand conference in Eastbourne, United Kingdom (31st Jan – 2nd Feb 2014) attracts up to 1000 children’s workers. You can find out more here. Delegates travel from up to 15 nations and special rates are available for delegates from Eastern Europe. We can also help Eastern European delegates find accommodation with local Christian families. If you would like to know more about those special rates and lodging go here to complete a short form.   SRECC logoome of the Reaching Europe’s Children team often attend this event. We thought that it might be good to gather the delegates who have travelled from outside the UK for a special event designed to deepen relationships with existing friends and encourage new people. Our mini conference will take place in the 24 hours before the main Hand in Hand event. It will start at 4pm on Thursday the 30th of January and end at 4pm the next day, just before the start of the weekend conference. Delegates using low cost airlines should be able to travel on the Thursday morning. Eastbourne is 1 hour by a direct train from Gatwick – a major low cost airline hub. We have planned it before the main conference so that helpful conversations can continue throughout the main event. The venue for our event will be within walking distance of the main conference. How much will it cost? The registration fee for Reaching Europe’s Children 24 hour workshop is zero, nil, nothing. We will also provide you with 2 meals during the workshop. You will however need to pay for Thursday night in your hotel or we will ensure you have an extra night with your host family if you have asked for that for the main event. You can register here Content The key goals of the workshop include networking and relationship building. Creating conferences and networks at home will also be part of the programme.

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