Dates next Mission-Net Congress

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  • September 12, 2016
Dates next Mission-Net Congress

We are very happy to announce the dates for the 5th Mission-Net Congress: 28th December 2017  –  2nd January 2018

  After a survey among national motivators, partners organizations and members, the year end 2017 came out as the best option for the next Congress. hester   “People will expect us to have a congress at years end. Mission-Net is seeking to work together with many European organisations, networks and volunteers. A congress at year-end will enable working together with many, as people will be available to join.” says CEO of Congress Hester Zoutman. “I look forward to connecting with the ‘Mission-Netters’ and learning about the success factors of the Congress.”   The fourth Mission-Net Congress was held in Offenburg, Germany. More than 2100 young Europeans from 49 mainly European nations met to get connected – connected to God, connected to the world and connected to one another. Currently Mission-Net network extends up to 1,5 million young Christians across Europe. It is commissioned by the European Evangelical Missionary Association and European Evangelical Alliance.

Mission-Net aims to unite the young European generation to Transform our World.

TRANSFORMING – as Christians we want to display God´s transforming power in society, through the credible witness of our public and private lives

OUR – it is not about individualism but about doing it together. As we act in this way, we model to the world the unity of the Christian Community

WORLD – it starts where we live, but a missional lifestyle goes beyond my neighbourhood, to my country, my continent

As Mission-Net keeps growing the leadership of Mission-Net is also expanding. Together with the CEO Mission-Net Movement and a CFO Operations, the organizational structure will grow. In the time to the Congress several activities will be developed to grow the Mission-Net movement. In the coming months more information will be shared about the location, program and movement! www.mission-net.orglogo missionnet Want to connect?  

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