EEA Call to Prayer for Eastern Ukraine

EEA Call to Prayer for Eastern Ukraine

April 2021.


EEA is deeply concerned about the renewed increase in tension between Ukraine and Russia over the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine.


Fear of invasion, a desire for respect and/or territorial justice, patriotism and anger, all of these are understandably present. Add to this mix the build-up of military force and diplomatic pressure and the situation becomes dangerously volatile.


The people of Donbass have already suffered terribly. Since 2014, the UN confirms that 3375 civilians have died. Nearly 2 million have fled to other parts of Ukraine and half a million have claimed asylum abroad.


Those who remain in Donbass, within the self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk or Luhansk, are in a kind of no-man’s land. If they opt to show support for Russia or for Ukraine, they know that the other side will not understand or forgive. For 7 years, they have been left to live precarious lives where the rule of law hardly exists and economic hardship is acute.


Faith minorities, including Evangelical communities, are unable to register and no activities are allowed. The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and the Ukrainian National Orthodox Church (UNOC) are in constant fight for superiority, suffering under the attacks of ROC adherents in the East and the UNOC in all of Ukraine.


Will the people’s suffering worsen with the resumption of full scale war?


The European Evangelical Alliance calls upon Evangelicals across Europe to pray for

  • Comfort and healing for the victims of the conflict,

  • The safety and human rights of the people of Ukraine,

  • Wise diplomacy to bring about a commitment to peace and stability,

  • Courageous peace makers in Donbass, Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere,

  • Our Christian brothers and sisters in Donbass, Ukraine and Russia.

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