EEA NEWSLETTER | December 2018

EEA NEWSLETTER | December 2018

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Dreaming towards…

In her last Micha Global Editorial Sheryl Haw wrote the following:

Have our organisational goals and dreams been superseded by pursuing the means, losing sight of our goals and dreams? Do our Board meetings focus primarily on means? We can jump from one project proposal to another, driven by the need to raise funds, to be relevant, to be visible and admired. We suddenly find ourselves becoming competitive rather than cooperative towards a common goal.

We invite you all to push in deeper and walk with God together. Let us be people who not only dare to dream, but who inspire others to do so together for the good of the whole community. And as we head towards the end of 2018, may we take the time to revisit our goals and dreams and re-focus our walk, so that our legacy too will be “they walked with God.”

As I contemplate the outcome of the Hope Event in Tallinn in October I praise God for all he has done. During the preparation we might have sometimes gotten into the mode of just trying to deliver and therefore we lost sight of the dream and goals: Bringing Hope to Europe. But in the end, we can say that God rekindled the fire, the dream. What we anticipated proved true: by providing the platform and the space to the participants (we call it the dance floor) to share their stories, their good practice and their dreams, great momentum was created. Dreams which have already come true and others which are in the process of becoming true were shared. Hope could be touched, seen and smelled all over the place. As the EEA we were very motivated to push beyond what is already happening. It is our desire to build and work towards serving our members (National EAs, Affiliates and Networks) even more effectively to support and bless the Church. So, let’s keep dreaming and working towards making these dreams come alive together as we are moving forward in Hope and with Hope for Europe! During this Christmas season which reminds us of the embodied Hope, Christ the Saviour, let us make this Hope visible, touchable, audible! Yours, Thomas Bucher General Secretary EEA PS: There are various ways how you can support the EEA to make this dream of Hope possible. Check out this newsletter.

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