God calls many to be like Esther

God calls many to be like Esther

In many places in Switzerland, a number of Ukrainian or Russian worship services, prayer and Bible groups have already been established. To support these efforts, on Friday, June 24, we organized with our network a national meeting of Ukrainians who are working in Switzerland in a key spiritual role. We called this meeting “Ukrainian Swiss Christian Summit.” About 50 people participated. Our target group were Ukrainians who have taken on a key spiritual role (pastors, leaders of prayer and Bible groups…) and Swiss representatives of churches who offer spiritual ministries for Ukrainians.


We prayed a lot together, cried, shared God’s work, envisioned together what God wants to do, and shared ideas and needs. One of our guiding verses from the Bible was from Esther 4:14: “Who knows if you are not set in this place for this time.”


Many Ukrainians shared a variety of good ideas and implementation plans, which was incredible. They came up with ideas of what else could be done in Switzerland for Ukrainians. These gatherings resulted in our plan to support and link regional Ukrainian key persons. This will enable Ukrainians to work together and bundle resources so that they can help their fellow citizens who had to flee as refugees to Switzerland in a comprehensive way.


Only God can do that. Like Esther, God is calling many people living in exile in a foreign country to be used for His purposes. Men and women who take their responsibility and do their part.


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