How you can support Mission-Net

How you can support Mission-Net

Young Christians from more than 50 countries will unite in Germany at the end of the year.

Preparations for the fourth Missions Congress in Offenburg, Germany are well underway While the Mission-Net team still receives feedback and stirring testimonies about their last Congress in 2013-14, preparations for the next great event later this year are in full swing.  From 28th December to 2nd January over 3000 teens and young adults from more than 50 different European and other countries are expected to attend the fourth Mission-Net Congress in Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The theme of this year’s Congress is “Connected”. Get connected to God, to the world and to each other – which is already being implemented during the preparations. The exciting event is starting to take shape and registrations are coming in from all over Europe.  Germany, Switzerland and Portugal are in the lead so far with the largest number of registrations. The new website went online recently and it is fresh, clearer and appropriately designed. Participants register through this easy online system. Planning for the main sessions is well underway. Fitting in with the main theme, young people will have the opportunity to take a look at the letter from Paul to the Ephesian Church in the morning Bible studies – to be led by Tor Erling Fagermoen, from Norway who will soon be European director of International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). Co-operating with the World Evangelical Alliance, Mission-Net seeks to help eliminate “Bible poverty” and will focus on the Scriptures via the inductive method each morning in the informal family group discussions. In the evening main stage programme speakers such as Greg Livingston (UK), Rafal Piekarski (PL), Artur Krasniqi (KOS) and Connie Duarte (PT) will share their messages on how Jesus lived a missional lifestyle. All of the evening speakers have the young generation in Europe on their hearts. Some well-known Europeans, such as the Spanish mime artiste Carlos Martinez, will enrich the programme with their contributions. Other attractions at the event will be – a large missions exhibition, an interesting range of seminars and workshops including a youth choir and orchestra. The opportunity to participate in an outreach in the centre of Offenburg will also be offered in connection with the local churches. There will be many opportunities to make the theme alive – to get connected and form cross-cultural friendships with people attending from almost every European country.

The Global Market (our exhibition)

Our vision for the “Global Market”, our exhibition, is to provide a place that will help many of these young people explore the opportunities available to them in world missions today and live out their calling. If you have a heart for young Europeans and want to support them in taking the next step forward God’s dream for their life, we would love to have you as an exhibitor at the 4. Mission-Net Congress!

Why should you join us?

Mission-Net is the only pan-European congress for people between the ages of 16 – 30, who come from a wide range of social, academic and church backgrounds. In the past many exhibitors found some of their future staff members at the Congress. Furthermore each time the exhibitors told us that they were surprised by the interest of young people in their organisation.


The main objective of the growing Mission-Net movement is to motivate young Europeans to a missional lifestyle. This bi-annual Congress serves to give young adults new perspectives and to enable them to experience and understand what intercultural missions is like. The umbrella organizations for this movement are the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) and the European Evangelical Missionary Association (EEMA). For more information about the Congress, please visit the Mission-Net website:      

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