Inspiration over Coffee

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  • February 21, 2018
Inspiration over Coffee
How do we come up with the best ideas for ministry? How do we ever get to hear the brilliant stuff that is happening within the EEA family? When do we stop to consider the big opportunities and challenges that we face? EEA is delighted to have relaunched a regular opportunity for sparks of inspiration to fly, for sharing and discussion. The Good News Café is deliberately named. Pause for an hour, grab a coffee and enjoy learning and sharing. Why Good News? Because the Gospel is always paramount. And all we do must have a Good News Approach. In December, we had a fantastic Good News Café on Uniting Evangelicals in Prayer. EEA members shared their many and varied ways of stimulating prayer, including the need to keep things fresh. Key to unity and commitment include the building of personal relationships between leaders and to look at one’s nation, not through one’s own perspective but through God’s. What kind of nation does He want? What constitutes a godly nation in His eyes? The Estonian Evangelical Alliance has a very strong prayer movement. They have helped to create 100 days of prayer, beginning 1 January 2018, where Christians from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will celebrate 100 years of independence and pray comprehensively for their nations.  

The next Good News Café will feature our Brussels representative, Arie de Pater, who will share how EEA influences the political agenda. 

 Do join us on 26th February, 16h3 CET.  (Invitations were sent out widely. If you did not get one but are interested in attending, please contact us).

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