“Let’s Talk Family” guidelines: New translations

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  • September 12, 2016

Children & Youth Ministry

The guideline document for national “Let’s Talk Family” (LTF) conversations is now available in the following languages: Armenian, Bulgarian, English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian and soon to be available in German. Each national EA is encouraged to assist in initiating and promoting a national conversation, gathering leaders of children’s, youth and family ministry of the major denominations and ministries as well as Christian leaders involved in education and child care. This is a first step in what is to be an on-going partnership of the nation’s Christian families, churches, and ministries.  
lesttalkUK LTF Conversation in May 2016
To achieve the LTF goals the following initiatives were proposed at the UK LTF Conversation: • Build a UK Family alliance and link to the Global Family Alliance • Develop a social media presence to connect, and to point out examples of good practice etc. • Explore wider connections, helping ante-natal parents and across children, youth & family ministry • Seek ways to simplify helpful ideas • Other options include an online resource site; direct engagement with church leaders; promotion of intergenerational gatherings  
Bulgarian LTF Conversation in June 2016
Following the Bulgaria LTF Conversation, Vice Chairman of the Bulgarian EA Pastor Rumen Bordjiev shared: “I am thinking about our next board meeting of the BEA to discuss the opportunity to start a family department, which could help us to serve more effectively and to keep and strengthen the Bulgarian family.” Ivan Minchev of the Bulgarian Youth Network wrote: “My personal encouragement is to see that the Bulgarian church leaders think more and more about the importance of the family and that they are ready to invest in building a church with strong families.”

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