New Resource Available Europe 2021: A Missiological Report

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  • September 1, 2021
New Resource Available Europe 2021: A Missiological Report

By Jim Memory


Europe is a tremendously complex, diverse and dynamic context for Christian mission. There are so many trends and influences that getting to grips with all of them can seem an impossible task.

  Europe 2021 – A Missiological Report by missiologist and Vista co-editor Jim Memory attempts to do just that.  

The report identifies the crucial issues and trends which are shaping the context for Christian mission in Europe today. It provides an analysis of the key political, economic, social, environmental, and technological trends; of the most important spiritual challenges; and of the shifts in mission thinking that are impacting the practice of Christian mission today. And in every case, it considers how the Covid-19 has impacted these trends.


The report concludes with an exploration of the implications that each of these trends has for those of us who are involved in Christian mission in Europe today.


So if you are a mission leader, a pastor or just someone who is passionate about praying for revival in Europe, you will want to read and reflect on the contents and share widely within your networks.


What others have to say:


“Combining fascinating and timely analysis of social, economic, and political trends, with insightful and forward-looking missiological reflection, this report should be essential reading for all those who, in any part of the world, are concerned about mission in, from and to, the continent of Europe. Thoroughly documented from secular sources and theological expertise, this is the kind of resource that is increasingly needed for intelligent Christian engagement in our alarmingly changed world.” Chris Wright, PhD, Global Ambassador and Ministry Director, Langham Partnership


“Jim Memory’s missiological report starts by providing an excellent overview of the general and the spiritual context Christians are facing in Europe, taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic, before moving on to trends in European mission and the implications for mission in Europe. This paper should be a must-read for all those interested in missions in and to Europe.” Rev. Dr. Frank Hinkelmann, President of the European Evangelical Alliance


“Insightful, thorough, relevant, and succinct! This report is a gift to our continent, and a must-read to any leader who wants to have a ‘bird’s-eye view’ of mission in Europe today.” Sarah Breuel – IFES Revive Europe Director




For more information and the free resource, please visit the Vista website. If you would like to share about the report in your network, please contact Jim Memory at for a translation of the recommendation into a another language. The translation into Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian is currently underway and further translations can be requested.

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