Opening our eyes to human trafficking

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  • September 18, 2017
Opening our eyes to human trafficking
The European Freedom Network (the EEA Hope for Europe network on sexual exploitation and human trafficking) has created new resources to help people understand the realities of trafficking, to pray and to respond well. Don’t shut your eyes has  been updated with a fresh mini video (highlighting the dangers of trafficking through the internet), a thunderclap to join (a social media “shout”) and new prayer and action resources for churches. Do please promote these resources widely so that as many people as possible continue to understand more about trafficking. EFN also wants as many churches as possible to join in prayer on Freedom Sunday (15th October) and to understand what they can do to help. Local churches and so many different kinds of ministry are needed to prevent trafficking, spot it and to help survivors find full freedom. If you want to see them gathered in one place, if you want to understand your role more or how to inspire the Church as a whole, then why not join EFN partners at our Bridge conference . And, if you cannot come, thanks for still praying for the Lord to achieve His Kingdom purposes at this event.

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