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Call to Action – General Assembly 2019

The EEA is calling the Evangelical church in Europe to act around the issue of safety and security. This paper is a result of this years´s General Assembly under the topic “On the road home: How to journey safely”. During the conference, National Evangelical Alliances, Affiliate Members of the EEA and Hope for Europe-Networks were


A FRENCH PERSPECTIVE ON EVANGELICAL SOCIO-POLITICAL PRIORITIES Speach of Etienne Lhermenault, President of CNEF during 2017 CNEF’s assembly. He expresses his dismay that many Christians have succumbed to a politics of fear and rejection, or have prioritised defending values over sharing the Gospel of salvation. Lhermenault do not advocate withdrawal from socio-political matters. He calls

Left-wing Populism in Europe

This paper has been commissioned by EEA and written by X. Manuel Suárez.


EEA resource designed for individual Christians, home groups and local churches.  It invites us to celebrate what is great about our nation from the Lord’s perspective. It creates the opportunity consider how to be proud of our dual citizenship – our national and our eternal one in Christ. It gives questions to ponder so that we make sure that our loyalty to Christ always comes first.


This paper has been commissioned by EEA and written by X. Manuel Suárez.


This paper examines identity politics and nationalism, raising questions about how the Church should relate to the State and how Christians balance their sense of belonging and joy in their national identity with their first loyalty to Christ.


This paper has been commissioned by EEA.
Author:Dr David Landrum, Director of Advocacy, EAUK


EEA paper written by Julia Doxat-Purser (EEA Socio-Political Representative and Religious Liberty Coordinator)


If society was more loving, more free, more just, and more truthful, we would all benefit. This document contains the UK Evangelical Alliance’s vision for the kind of society they want the UK to become.

What kind of society? Summary Booklet

A short booklet produced by the UK Evangelical Alliance. It provides a vision for the kind of world that we want our children and grandchildren to grow old in.  This summary booklet presents an introduction to the four themes of love, freedom, justice and truth, along with what Christians and churches can do in response of today’s

Socio-Political resources

WEA and European Evangelical Alliance Call for Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) together with the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) calls for prayers for peace between Ukraine and Russia amid the increasing tensions.

Ukraine-Russia: Evangelicals on both sides still trust in a peaceful resolution

The border between Russia and Ukraine has become the scene of regular tensions since the protests that began in November 2013, known as Euromaidan, which ended with the change of government in Kiev, the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the war in the Donbas region.

Support Us – A Day of Lobby Work in Brussels

A day of lobby work in Brussels with Arie de Pater, EEA Brussels Representative   On Wednesdays, I take a 6.30 h train for Brussels. As the train is still fairly quiet at that hour, it provides me an opportunity to prepare for the day. That can be listening to a podcast, read and write

EEA members in the spotlight

The European Evangelical Alliance is really proud of the fantastic socio-political work done by many of our members. So we wanted to honour them by asking a few to give us a taste of what they have been doing.

A Resource Pack for Election Time

This resource pack is designed to inspire individuals, local churches and Evangelical Alliances to pray, think, ask questions and encourage others to do the same. “I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians,” said Charles de Gaulle.

Matić – the good, the bad, and the ugly

On 24 June, the European Parliament adopted a report “on the situation of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the EU, in the frame of women’s health”[1].

Schuman Talks: EEA’s Brussels Office – What has been achieved?

On 9 June 2021, previous and current staff of the EEA Brussels staff was interviewed by one of its founding fathers, Jeff Fountain.

The Istanbul Convention is 10 years’ old – EEA Statement, June 2021

On 11th May 2021, Europe will mark the 10th anniversary of the signing of the so-called Istanbul Convention.

The EEA Brussels office in Corona times

Our social-political work in Brussels is a lot about building and maintaining relationships. Covid-19 is seriously limiting the ability to do so. So, how is the Brussels office dealing with the current situation?
Building and maintaining relationships with parliamentarians and their staff, with policy makers, and with the many non-governmental organisations working in Brussels, is crucial for the work of the EEA office in the European Union’s capital.

Doing politics “right”

This month, the European Evangelical Alliance is republishing 2 foundational documents which seek to answer these questions: EEA’s Socio-Political Approach. And the Socio-political Code of Conduct, which summarises the Approach in a few key principles.

Human Identity resources

EEA Statement on Violence against Women and Girls

In May 2021, Europe marked the 10th anniversary of the signing of the so-called Istanbul Convention, the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combatting violence against women and domestic violence. The vast majority of people will support the Istanbul Convention’s desire for a “Europe free from violence against women and domestic violence.” Nevertheless, this document has also caused controversy across Europe. But the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) does not want the core issues to be lost in all the argument.

Micah Network: Gender Policy

Right from the start Micah Network (2001) has been addressing issues of gender disparity, inequality and injustice. In 2009, Micah Network produced an interim Gender Policy. At that time it was noted that it would be reviewed in the future as they hoped the discussions of the Micah Gender Community of Practice will feed into this process. Resources of


EurECA Position Paper on Sexuality Education. While different sides can agree upon the importance of sexuality education, there are disagreements regarding the philosophical, theological and thus anthropological views behind sexuality education.   DOWNLOAD RESOURCE


EurECA paper “Gender Mainstreaming & Related Issues: A short overview about Gender Mainstreaming, its history and its relationship to Non-Discrimination/Diversity Mainstreaming”   DOWNLOAD RESOURCE


Original title:“När två blir ett. Sex och samlevnad ue wrr kristet perspektiv.” /’When two become one. Sex & togetherness from a Christian perspective.’/ This Youth resources are developed by the Swedish EA and are available in Swedish. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE


Original title:“Origen y desarollo de la ideologia de genero, fundamentos teologicos del matrimonio y la familia” /’The origin and development of the ideology of gender, Theological foundations of marriage and the family’/. This resource developed by the Spanish EA and it is available in Spanish. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

A Christian Understanding of Sex & Human Flourishing

“A Christian Understanding of Sex & Human Flourishing” – Part 1 Understanding and Responding to the Sexual Revolution. This resource contains 6 lessons with videos & questions and is developed by From the Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL). DOWNLOAD RESOURCE


“Transformed: A brief biblical and pastoral introduction to understanding transgender in a changing culture” This resource has been produced by EAUK and it seeks to help Christians, as individuals and gathered communities, begin to understand and respond well to transgender individuals and the broader ideological movement. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE


EEA paper on “Human Rights and Education – What are the rights of parents, children and teachers when they object to parts of the curriculum?”. This briefing gives advice for those who think that some school lessons, most likely to be on religion or sex and gender issues, clash with their beliefs. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

LGBT+ Rights

“LGBT+ Rights – responding to a changing world” This paper has been commissioned by EEA and contains reflections on theology, communication, legal & policy issues. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

Church resources

Register now for HOPE 2022!

We are nearly within 4 months of the Hope Experience and the plans are coming together, the hotel is ready to receive us, and the Networks have some good and creative input to give us and start some very good and dynamic conversations – all part of the Hope Experience.

An Ordinary Ukrainian?!

As soon as we start thinking that we finally got used to the sirens, and learned to cope with stress, it hits us hard and knocks us off our feet.

East differs from West

Raising one’s voice in a discussion or a confrontation in Switzerland can be interpreted as insecurity or not having self-control. This is not the done thing. In many Eastern European countries, it is the other way around. It is interpreted as insecurity when one does not raise one’s voice. Not speaking up strongly shows that I am not really convinced of my point of view.

On Family, Trust, and Religion

In September 2021, the decision was made to focus our EEA communications work in the first half of 2022 on the theme “East meets West – West meets East”. The aim was to create a platform for dialogue with our newsletters, particularly between Western and Eastern Europe, where we could hear one another, learn from each other and celebrate that together we are the Body of Christ in Europe. Never had we thought that this topic would get such a different connotation as it is the case now. Due to the current Ukraine war and many resulting encounters of people from Western Europe and Ukraine in host families, at work or in aid projects, the interview in this edition will deal with the understanding of family, trust and religion in the context of the UK and Ukraine.

Miracles in the Darkness

When Russia invaded Ukraine, churches all over the country mobilized to help those affected by the war. They evacuate people from war zones and provide food, water, medicine and other supplies, shelter, and spiritual and emotional support. Those who serve others often risk their own lives, but they have also witnessed miracles of God’s provision and protection in the middle of chaos. Following are some stories from one of the 13,000 Evangelical churches in Ukraine, in the town of Vyshneve near Kyiv.

A Glass of Water

It seems to be so normal to be able to open the tap and get a glass of water whenever we want it. Fleeing Ukraine, nothing is normal anymore. The following story happened at the Ukrainian border, where a World Without Orphans Romania is working together with various Romanian churches and organizations.

New cooperation platform Host4Ukraine now features Christian organisations on the landing page

The Ukraine Response Coordination platform “” has successfully expanded its profile from a mere Airbnb for Ukrainian refugees to support Ukrainians in all possible areas such as food, medical care, shelter or donations. Resulting from a partnership between EEA and, the website can now be used by churches and organisations to publicise their offers for Ukrainian refugees.

Jews of India: A Jewish-Christian Relationship

For long centuries, India has been the home for Jews, and they have imbibed the Indian culture beautifully. Paradoxically, even after their long stay in India, they maintained their identity. As  Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, Head Priest of the Synagogue Judah Hyam Hall New Delhi, describes it,”Israel is in my heart, India is in my blood.” It is said that India is perhaps the only country in the world in which, through the long centuries, Jews have dwelt in complete security and have always been treated honourably in the social structure of the land.


The Hope for Europe Experience is an opportunity to engage with what is going on in and around Europe through the experience of over 18 networks that work with the EEA. Not only will we have a chance to listen but also to participate, to share, to create, to question, to respond, to network, to understand, to learn, to grow, to plan and to be encouraged together as Evangelicals living and working in Europe.

Book recommendation

One of the main groups of religious people that Jesus had to deal with were the Pharisees. Jesus had several encounters with them, and He frequently socialised with them. In fact, He and the Pharisees had a number of religious convictions in common. Nevertheless, at times, He was also very confrontational in his approach to them. Particularly their interpretation of the religious law brought them into conflict with Jesus. But in His love for them, Jesus invited them to an intimate relationship with God the Father.

Family, Children & Youth resources


Materials on the Family challenge campaign from Transform World, supported by WEA. Family Challenge Booklet Facing the Global Family Challenge

Resources on relationships with Muslims

Sharing Lives – An online course for people interested in sharing their lives with Muslims

As of 22 April 2021, the course Sharing Lives is available online for everyone who is interested to begin to share their lives with Muslims! Bert de Ruiter wrote the course several years ago as part of his dissertation with the intention to help Christians reflect on their attitude towards Muslims and Islam, and to encourage them to begin to share their lives and in this context also the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslims that cross their paths.

Social and religious dynamics of Muslims in Europe: 7 trends and 4 responses (II)

European Muslims seem to create a balance between loyalty to the global ummah and loyalty to the local state. Many seek to harmonize a Salafist claim of the true Islam with the cultural and religious pluralism of the societies they live in.

Social and religious dynamics of Muslims in Europe: 7 trends and 4 responses (I)

European Muslims are often influenced by Muslim majority nations and transnational movements led by well-known leaders. But statistics do not give any indication of the real religious commitment of Muslims in our continent.

Why the West fears Islam

In this article Bert de Ruiter challenges the fear which many Christians in Europe have when they think of Islam and Muslims. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

Undoing Islamophobia

Bert de Ruiter writes on the Christian answer to Islamophobia in Europe . DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

Seeing with our inner eye

Bert de Ruiter writes on the politics of fear and defends the idea that each Muslim in Europe needs a Christian friend. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

My answer to Eurabia

Bert de Ruiter reflects on the Eurabia theory and its impact in Europe. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

How to develop our integrative complexity

A short paper  by Bert de Ruiter on Integrative complexity or how we perceive reality. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE


Bert de Ruiter (EEA Consultant for Christian-Muslim Relations) has put together a flyer, offering training to EEA Members and Affiliates. Besides these existing courses, Bert is available to conduct training, seminars and workshops on a variety of topics related to Christian-Muslim relations in Europe.   DOWNLOAD RESOURCE

Roman Catholic resources


A free copy of the book by Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher Indulgences A History of Theology and Reality of Indulgences and Purgatory A Protestant Evaluation DOWNLOAD RECOURCES

The State of Europe resources


Two article on the spiritual state of Europe “Europe: A most strategic mission field” by Jeff Fountain “Europe’s Crisis: God’s opportunity” by Jim Memory