Micah Network: Gender Policy

Micah Network: Gender Policy
Right from the start Micah Network (2001) has been addressing issues of gender disparity, inequality and injustice. In 2009, Micah Network produced an interim Gender Policy. At that time it was noted that it would be reviewed in the future as they hoped the discussions of the Micah Gender Community of Practice will feed into this process. Resources of Micah Network:

“A United Voice”  by Mandy Marshall – An Audio presentation given at the 5th Global Conusltation in Thun, Switzerland.

“Violence, Gender, Generations” by Natanael Disla and Alicia Casas. A video presentations  given at the 5th Global Consultation.

Materials on “Gender based Violence in Emergencies” 

“Principles in Developing Gender Policies” – an outcome from the Latin American Regional Consultation in Ecuador in October 2012.

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