Schuman Talks: EEA’s Brussels Office – What has been achieved?

Schuman Talks: EEA’s Brussels Office – What has been achieved?

On 9 June 2021, previous and current staff of the EEA Brussels staff was interviewed by one of its founding fathers, Jeff Fountain.


The Brussels office, established in January 1994, provides important opportunities to speak up on behalf of the 23 Million Evangelicals on the continent.


Freedom of Religion or Belief is one of the long-standing priorities of the European Evangelical Alliance. Other topics are Freedom of Expression, the Civil Public Square (, and migration. Solidarity and compassion are key European values in dealing with refugees and migrants. Churches are encouraged to observe World Refugee Sunday ( on 20 or 27 June 2021. Further, with an interdisciplinary group of experts, the EEA is engaging the political debate on Artificial Intelligence. These new technologies could seriously impact our lives and societies, both for the better and for worse. How do we discern what is good progress and what is bad progress?


The interview includes several illustrations of the impact of the Brussels office over the years. The EEA thanks all who make our presence in Brussels possible.


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