Spanish general election: Evangelicals call to “vote wisely”

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  • December 7, 2015
Spanish general election: Evangelicals call to “vote wisely”
The Spanish Evangelical Alliance, like in previous elections, has prepared a document to help Christians to “vote wisely” next December 20th .
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Next December 20th, Spaniards will vote for their new President. New parties like Podemos and Ciudadanos will be in this kind of elections for the first time, after the good results they obtained in the local elections last spring. For the first time in many years, a great number of voters have not decided their vote yet, and all the political experts agree that the campaign, which started Thursday night, will be crucial for the final result. “VOTE WISELY” The Spanish Evangelical Alliance (AEE in Spanish), like in previous elections, has prepared a document to help Christians to “vote wisely”, because as they say in the guide “to be salt and light for our society, Christians cannot only just vote, they need to do it wisely.” The AEE explains that the Guide “will not tell you which party you should vote, but helps you to choose through God´s Word.” Vote wisely, the AEE guide Xesus Manuel Suárez, Vicepresident of the AEE believes that the document “could help Christians to form their own political opinion biblically founded.” 14 CURRENT TOPICS Fourteen authors, “all authorised voices in each topic, and believers with a deep love for the Word”, as Suárez affirms, have participated in the creation of the guide, writing a 3 to 5 pages chapter, highlighting the key points to consider from a Christian perspective. Among the authors, there are Julia Doxat-Purser, from the European Evangelical Alliance, Jaume Llenas, AEE Secretary General, and Pedro Tarquis, Director of Evangelical Focus and Protestante Digital. The topics covered by the guide are:
    • The responsibility of getting involved in politics
    • International relations
    • Health service
    • Education
    • Constitution reform
    • Land-use planning
    • Religious freedom
    • Culture
    • Justice
    • Multiculturalism
    • Human trafficking
    • Labour relations
    • Economic resources management
    • Information and mass media
You can read the full guide here (Spanish).

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