Synopsis of the Network of Muslim Ministries

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  • February 18, 2020
Synopsis of the Network of Muslim Ministries

Synopsis of the Network of Muslim Ministries in Europe


What have an Iranian pastor in Brussels, an Afghani pastor in Athens, a Turkish pastor in London, a Pakistani pastor in Buckinghamshire, an Iranian leader from the UK, an Iraqi pastor from Bonn, an Algerian pastor from Paris, an Iraqi leader from the Netherlands, and a Somali believer from Sweden have in common?


They all came from their countries of origin to settle in Europe. They all are followers of Christ and leading others in this. They all are representatives of the new Churches that are springing up in Europe. They all attended a gathering that was organized by the Network of Muslim Ministries in Europe of the EEA and  EEMA. from November 25-27, 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.


Together we talked about theologies of network, the secrets of networking, the joy and challenges of international networking and the need and resources of evangelism, discipleship and theological training.  We discussed whether or not pastors of immigrant churches should be ordained and if so, by whom? We also shared our ministry concerns, prayer requests and even hobbies together.  We rejoiced together about what God is doing among migrants in Europe: people coming to faith in large numbers, new churches are being formed, leaders being  trained, new partnerships formed. We also realized that there are plenty ofchallenges remaining, such as how to grow into Christlikeness as Christian leaders from culture where leadership is associated with status; also how do we help the second and third generation immigrants from Christian families help maintain a strong testimony in secular Europe.


We are committed to see this gathering become a regular time of spiritual nourishment, strategic thinking and growing collaboration between old European churches and new migrant churches, irrespective of cultural, ethnical, theological and denominational differences, realizing we’re all branches that draw our unity, vibrancy and fruitfulness from the one true Vine, Jesus Christ.


Dr. Bert de Ruiter

Consultant Christian-Muslim Relations

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