Thank you Bori!

Thank you Bori!
Bori van Braam van Vloten came to the EEA almost 3 years ago. She was to take on the administration and communication work of the EEA.
During this time, we found a good colleague and friend in Bori and a competent and diligent worker. Her passion was in communication but the bulk of the work in administration. This was sometimes not easy but nevertheless Bori often even went the extra mile in administration. And all of this part time.
During this time, we saw the newsletter developed as well as other aspects of communication. And a new website came into being. The website was a special and timely present from Bori as the old website seriously broke two days before the new one went life. Just in time! Thank you!
As the EEA wanted to strengthen its administration Bori was hoping to work more in her area of passion which is communication. However, during her maternity leave we realised that concentrating all the work in one place, Bonn, would be advantageous. Therefore, finances and communication were also moved to Bonn.
This means the work relationship with Bori will come to an end by 31 August. Our paths part but not our appreciation, thankfulness and friendship.
Thank you Bori and many blessings!
Thomas Bucher
For the EEA team

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