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The EEA exists to foster unity and evangelical identity and provide a voice and platform to evangelical Christians. Our mission can be best summarized with the words: Connect, Equip and Represent.The EEA is part of the World Evangelical Alliance (

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Vision 2020 Good news people

Vision 2020 Good news people

IFES & EEA, the organisers of the European Student Forum in Brussels in September, were so encouraged by the calibre of young people who attended a week of intense learning experiences about how to be Christ’s ambassadors in politics, business, law & media. We are hugely grateful to the many mentors who freely gave their time to nurture these future leaders. Some of these mentors had been Student Forum attendees in the past.

What was especially pleasing was that, while much knowledge and wisdom was conveyed about current affairs and professional skills, a unifying message also came through repeatedly; that our primary calling is in Jesus and our relationship with Him and that our character and general witness are more important than becoming a prime minister / high court judge.

If you are from Austria, Denmark, France, FYROM, Germany, Ireland, Montenegro, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland or UK, look out for these young people.  We believe that many will make an impact on public life.

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