A French perspective on Evangelical socio-political priorities

Speach of Etienne Lhermenault, President of CNEF during 2017 CNEF’s assembly. He expresses his dismay that many Christians have succumbed to a politics of fear and rejection, or have prioritised defending values over sharing the Gospel of salvation. Lhermenault do not advocate withdrawal from socio-political matters. He calls for the Church to take up its prophetic role of discerning what is good and speak truth peacefully and clearly.

Loving our nation well: A resource for Christians and Churches

EEA resource designed for individual Christians, home groups and local churches.  It invites us to celebrate what is great about our nation from the Lord’s perspective. It creates the opportunity consider how to be proud of our dual citizenship – our national and our eternal one in Christ. It gives questions to ponder so that we make sure that our loyalty to Christ always comes first.

Nationalism, Populism, Politics and Identity

This paper examines identity politics and nationalism, raising questions about how the Church should relate to the State and how Christians balance their sense of belonging and joy in their national identity with their first loyalty to Christ. It includes specific questions to help people analyse if and when a Right wing populist party may have become toxic.

What Kind of Society?

If society was more loving, more free, more just, and more truthful, we would all benefit. This document contains the UK Evangelical Alliance’s vision for the kind of society they want the UK to become.

What kind of society? Summary Booklet

A short booklet produced by the UK Evangelical Alliance. It provides a vision for the kind of world that we want our children and grandchildren to grow old in.  This summary booklet presents an introduction to the four themes of love, freedom, justice and truth, along with what Christians and churches can do in response of today’s challenges.