The Issachar Project – Praying for the nations

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  • September 18, 2017
The Issachar Project – Praying for the nations
The “Issachar Project” is EEA’s name for the collaborative effort with our members and friends to understand the times in which we live (1 Chronicles 12:32), in particular the angry politics that divide our churches, communities, nations and continent and then to help Evangelicals to be part of the answer. Many more conversations and resources will follow in the months to follow. For now, we wish to highlight the ongoing need for prayer. Germany’s general election is on 24th September, Austria’s is on 15th October. Both nations’ political discourse is, at times, fierce and distorted. Please pray that truth will be valued and revealed and that voters will choose for the good of all in their nation. Look out for specific calls to prayer for these elections that EEA will be promoting. Each month, the EEA Hope for Europe intercessors network has a 1 hour online prayer meeting for Europe’s angry politics. We would love to see every nation well represented and for the prayer points to be disseminated more widely. From end of September, EEA will publish the prayer points. If you would like to propose people to join the actual meeting, please contact EEA.

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