Covid-19 Resources to help churches as they respond.

Covid-19 Resources to help churches as they respond.

By Julia Doxat-Purser | September 2020.


We are still living with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The health impact was huge for some. The lockdown effect was massive for most. The ongoing economic and mental health impact will perhaps last for years.  And, for a growing number of countries, the infection rates are rising again. This thing is far from over.


Churches have done amazingly – keeping going as church family and serving their communities. For some, huge uncertainty remains over if, when and how “normal” service can resume.  And, of course, we do not know whether there will be stricter lockdown ahead.


What is sure, however, is that local church has a crucial role to play in the Lord’s Kingdom plans to bring life, love and hope to our hurting communities.


The resources below have been recommended by members of the European Evangelical Alliance to help churches consider what they can do now.


They start with self-care and then more general resources on what a church response could look like. There is then a section of resources and inspiring examples for how Christians can respond to the needs of the unemployed. And finally, there are resources on bereavement and mental health.


Christian leadership – self-care and reimagining possibilities


Deeply Rooted: A well- being resource for leaders during coronavirus”, a study guide to reflect  in self-care from Sanctuary Ministries


Leading through response, recovery & reconstruction. A 4 minute video from Forge Leadership


Reimagining Church & Mission. 3 recorded webinars to reflect on what could be.


Top tips for a church to consider as they consider community engagement



Responding to the financial impact of Covid-19


Support for 18-30s wanting to start businesses. Itzinya can offer direct coaching to young entrepreneurs. It can also train churches & others to be able to support these young people. They have specialised in helping refugees but their work can be adapted for anyone who really needs support. If you are interested, EEA can arrange a webinar for you to learn more.


A free mini video series by CAP to help churches come alongside people coping with job loss, money worries, bereavement or anxiety. Please note that CAP is unable at present to have partnerships with churches in Europe outside the UK but this video series can be enjoyed without formal links to CAP.


The Job Factory: Job Creation – Providing internships & apprenticeships. Job Factory has built up a family of businesses (from catering to kitchen fitting to bicycle repairers), enabling them to support 250 young job seekers per year.   A project to inspire. If you would like to know more, please contact XXX


Resurgo: Mentoring & training young people into jobs or to set up businesses.  A project to inspire. If you would like to know more, please contact XXX


Running a business and handling money. A 6 week study guide from Compass.


Responding to the mental impact of Covid-19


Lifting the Lid”. 6 week Bible study course on faith & mental health from Livability“


Bereavement Care Awareness Course for churches. 3 hours of online training from CARE for the Family.

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