• One app to save the world?

    One app to save the world?0

    The whole world is impacted by Covid-19 and governments are doing what they can to contain the virus and regain some sense of normalcy. That’s important both for their citizens and for their economies. Several countries are deploying apps for mobile devices to monitor the spread of the virus. Are you in?

  • Covid-19 Resources to help churches as they respond.

    Covid-19 Resources to help churches as they respond.0

    We are still living with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The health impact was huge for some. The lockdown effect was massive for most. The ongoing economic and mental health impact will perhaps last for years.  And, for a growing number of countries, the infection rates are rising again. This thing is far from over.

  • Distant Socialising

    Distant Socialising0

    Chosen or forced distance. Most of us have never spent any time thinking about the agreed cultural distance in formal and informal settings. Sociologists can tell us within centimetres what it is in Sweden and what it is in Albania. The social distance is different in each country.