HOPE, the experience

HOPE, the experience

By Connie Main Duarte, EEA General Secretary


Hope is more than an event or experience, it is a fundamental part of who we are as followers of Jesus Christ. Hope needs to be lived, shared, encouraged, built up and treasured, and it is the best thing we can offer to the communities where we live.


We had decided to call HOPE 2022 an experience instead of an event or conference because Hope needs to be experienced and not just talked about or defined. Hope needs to be lived, shared, encouraged, built up and treasured. The Hope experience in Sarajevo was all those things wrapped up in our 5 days together. From stories of Hope to projects of Hope, to Bible studies that reminded us of the Hope we have in Jesus. It was a very rich experience to be together and share our experiences and our challenges with Hope. We are grateful for each person that came and shared what Hope was doing in and through them.


Hope, today 


Often times we think of hope as something aimed at for the future. But hope is also at work here and now. Even though there were many stories of pain, anger and frustration from our Ukrainian brothers and sisters they were also able to point to hope they had now. The shared the prayers that God was answering; miracles that they had seen and experienced; and churches and pastors uniting for work and prayer. Hope is not just keeping them alive; it is also keeping them joyful in the midst of suffering.


What is your hope for today? Where is God working in your country or city that you have been praying about? 


Hope, tomorrow 


Some of the most exciting things that came out of the Hope experience were new Networks and new ideas of how to cooperate on different projects and initiatives. Jan and I are hoping that we will be able to help a new youth Network begin this year. And yes, we have had several hopeful conversations in that direction. Since the Hope experience we have also seen leadership transitions in various National Alliances which provide stability and new ideas for the future.


What do you see God preparing for the future of your ministry, for your National Alliance, and for your country? How can we share that hope and pray for you over the coming months? 


Hope, eternal 


Why do we do what we do? Because we are people of hope! We know that this world is not all there is. Our hope rests in Christ and in Christ alone. We wait with anticipation for his coming and we hope that while we wait, we will see many more people enter His kingdom and love Him as their Lord and Saviour.


How are you involved in the great commandment and the great commission this year? What are the plans you have in place or are dreaming about to show the hope we have in Jesus? How can we inspire one another this year with gospel?


Hope, ours for you


We hope that you remain strong and firm in your faith and in the work the Lord is asking of you. We hope that we see peace sooner rather than later and that no more lives will be lost in the war in Ukraine. We hope that migrants, refugees and sojourners will be welcomed, loved, and cared for wherever they land. We hope that every man, woman and child is able to live in freedom and safety. We hope that our love inspires the next generation to look to Jesus and to follow Him wholeheartedly.


May your hope never fade nor flounder but be firmly fixed on the author and perfector of our faith, Jesus Christ.




Connie Main Duarte


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