18 days of freedom

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  • November 7, 2014
18 days of freedom
18 Days of Celebrating Freedom Thank you for joining in #18daysoffreedom, a wonderful celebration of what freedom means to us and a chance to pray and remember those who have no freedom because of human trafficking. From 1st until 18th October (EU Anti-Tafficking Day), European Freedom Network partners and their friends across Europe were joined by friends in Asia, Africa and North America sharing photos and comments, releasing balloons, performing in the streets, running races, showing the film “Nefarious”, holding special church services and praying.  We were especially delighted when “18 days of freedom” became a catalyst for new cooperation between people and organisations united in their desire to see the end of human trafficking. Here is just a small sample of the 1000s of posts.18 days Sofia balloon Freedom is Seeing the light of hope,   adventure,   dreaming dreams and making decisions to pursue those dreams,   being able to rest,   speaking freely without fear,   loving God and loving others without being persecuted,   enjoying fresh air whenever I like,   having a proper childhood,   a reflection of acceptance for all in Christ,   denied to millions of victims of exploitation… Many partners also had an advocacy focus, highlighting the policy changes that are needed to improve their local situation. For many, this was showing the link between a society’s acceptance of prostitution and human trafficking and that the answer is no longer to blame the prostituted person but to challenge the behaviour of the clients through The Swedish Model of prostitution law. Next year, EU Anti-Trafficking Day, 18th October, will be on a Sunday. EEA’s European Freedom Network will be inviting churches to join with EFN partners in praying for freedom. We invite national Evangelical Alliances to partner with us to make a difference in prayer.

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