A Little Sneak Peek into the HOPE Program

A Little Sneak Peek into the HOPE Program

As we are preparing for the HOPE conference in October 2022 in Sarajevo/Bosnia-Hercegovina, the program development for the conference progresses. Here are three “sneak peeks” into the exciting HOPE conference’s program:

  1. Key role of EEA Hope for Europe Networks: The HOPE conference traditionally is the conference highlighting and emphasizing the importance and key function of the EEA’s Hope for Europe networks. We currently have 18 thematic networks dealing with all sorts of topics but all combined by one vision: Bringing hope to this continent. During the HOPE conference, each network will get its spotlight moment in which it can present its setup and core topics to the whole conference. And each of these presentations will be followed by an opportunity for the whole conference to pray for this network, its members and the challenging topics they wrestle with. We intend to strengthen our EEA Hope for Europe networks with strategic prayer as we believe in the transformative power of prayer.

  2. Mix of interactive sessions and plenary sessions: The HOPE conference is a network conference. We want to hear powerful statements and receive quality input. But we want everyone to have a chance to make at least three quality connections during the days in Sarajevo. Thus, we are inviting participants to enjoy different forms of interactive sessions.

  3. We value free time: The HOPE conference’s program is characterized by long breaks and – most importantly – free evenings. This allows for free interaction opportunities after the day’s official program is finished. Our great location – the Sarajevo Hills Hotel – with its various facilities, lounges and interaction spaces further supports this goal.

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