Blessed are the peacemakers: Praying for France

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  • November 4, 2020
Blessed are the peacemakers: Praying for France

The murder of Samuel Paty was shocking. This teacher wanted his class to think about free speech and offence by inviting his pupils to consider the Charlie Hebdo cartoons ridiculing Islam. But false rumours of a mocking tone in the classroom led to more rumours and the eventual Islamist terrorist attack upon him.


The Islamist terrorist murders in the cathedral in Nice has deepened the shock and fear. Christians are concerned about more attacks. Moderate Muslims are afraid of reprisals against them. The secular government is determined to bring about stability though a new law to ensure all follow the secular values of the French Republic.


And all this happens while covid-19 rages, keeping French people apart from one another in lockdown.


Let’s pray for France

  • For those who mourn and for those who fear,

  • For peacemakers and bridge builders from all communities to reach out across the divides,

  • For understanding and wisdom for all those who lead in the spheres of politics, faith or media,

  • For the silencing of voices who wish to stir up hatred,

  • For evil to be uprooted and defeated,

  • For our brothers and sisters in the Conseil National des Evangeliques de France.

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