Book Description: The Cross and the Shame

Book Description:  The Cross and the Shame

By Timo Keskitalo


Descriptions of different cultures and their emphases may be dangerous, and an individual may even feel them to be offensive. On the other hand, generalisations of cultures may be very useful and helpful in understanding.


  If we don’t understand the behavioural patterns of an individual from another culture, we will often tend to treat people disapprovingly. A negative attitude can be seen in our faces and words.


At that point we are not reflecting Christian love towards our neighbours and maybe unable to share the Gospel in an easily receptive way. In this book, we will explore the way of thinking in Muslim cultures.


Without trying to confine anyone to the limits of our definition, our aim is to give the reader useful tools for interaction with Muslims. The main proposition of this book is that, unlike us in the Western culture, Muslims understand themselves to be part of a community, where every decision affects the whole society – contrary to what we are used to in the West. Consequently, one doesn’t do anything just as oneself, rather it is the society, or at least the interest of the society, which decides about your life.


A person’s status and that of his/her family in a wider society is defined primarily through shame and honour. Therefore, the Gospel must be told to a Muslim through this most pivotal factor which defines the identity of a Muslim.


As a joyous by-product, we ourselves will be able to understand the Gospel better. In the Bible, we find a new gold mine and may enjoy unbelievable treasures that we did not even know were there. With this foreword, I wish the joy of discovery to the reader.



For more information on the book, please visit the website of VTR Publications.

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