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  • October 30, 2020
Book recommendation

Blessing the Curse? A Biblical Approach for Restoring Relationships in the Church


by Ksenija Magda


The title of this book is a provoking question and at the same time stimulating many thoughts! The author, Ksenija Magda, is exploring this question in her new book, published September 30.


As theologian, Ksenija is investigating that the church of Jesus Christ is not fully living out Christ’s redemptive work, when it comes to women. She observes that the curse in Genesis 3 is for many Christians “a prescription and God’s will for the world. In this view, God established a hierarchical structure, where men must rule over women because women are not fit to live without men.”


In her book Ksenija Magda gives a study what the Bible says concerning this “curse” and how different theologians come to different conclusions. Showing what the fall did to humanity, she challenges some convictions, which have been passed on – and still are – in many churches.


Jointly as chair of the EEA Hope for Europe Women in Leadership Network and EEA General Secretary we want to recommend this book. Embrace what you can agree with and prayerfully consider what you don’t like and figure out why you don’t like it or agree with it.


And why not consider having it translated into your language and help the body of Christ to become more functional as all parts of it are called to use their God given gifts and calling for the sake of the Gospel.


About the author: Dr. Ksenija Magda studied theology at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia. She completed her MTh there and her PhD at the London School of Theology. Actually, she is Assistant Professor of Biblical Theology at the Centre for Protestant Theology in the University of Zagreb, Croatia.


Ksenija Magda also serves as Theological Editor of New Testament Letters for the forthcoming Central and Eastern European Bible Commentary (Langham Global Library) and is a member of the European Society of Women in Theological Research.


As author of several books and a number of articles Ksenija Magda is out-going president of the Baptist World Alliance Women, wife of Toma, the former General Secretary of the Croatian Evangelical Alliance and mother of four.


Ksenija Magda: “Blessing the Curse? A Biblical Approach for Restoring Relationships in the Church”, Langham Publishing, UK, ISBN 9781783687923, Paperback, 268 pages, £15.99 in the UK, can be ordered through for € 20,98, free delivery worldwide

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