Business as Mission is bigger than you think

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  • September 27, 2019
Business as Mission is bigger than you think

Business as Mission, BAM, may sometimes be a tricky term, but it is an important concept and an essential praxis.


But BAM it is not a silver bullet; it is not the ultimate strategy. It is, however, a growing global movement of Christians in the marketplace asking: How can we shape business to serve people, align with God’s purposes, be good stewards of the planet and make a profit?


Business as Mission is not trying to replace traditional means of serving God and people among all nations. Business as Mission is not a fundraising method. Nor is it about attaching some church‐like activities to a business.


Business as Mission, BAM, recognizes the importance of and embraces Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. But it goes beyond as well: BAM is CSR+.


We are on a mission in and through business. It is for example a mission of justice. One could even say ‘Business as Justice’. This and other terms may help us understand the holistic and transformational nature of Business as Mission.


In his article, Mats Tunehag gives 12 brief examples. The list could be made longer, but these 12 will show that Business as Mission is not just doing business with a touch of “churchianity”.

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