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A CALL TO PRAYER for German General Election, 24th September 2017

A CALL TO PRAYER for German General Election, 24th September 2017

The German Evangelical Alliance is grateful for all prayer support around Europe.

Prayer moves the arm of God, which can channel the heart of man like streams of water (Proverbs 21:1). We therefore pray that God will call people of integrity into positions of responsibility, and equip them for these roles.

But prayer also moves those who pray. In a time marred by angry politics and disparagement, we want to bless politicians from all parties and encounter them with grace. We pray for a culture of appreciation and esteem in our country.

We pray that Christians will take the initiatives to seek direct dialogue with their candidates and encourage others to do the same. Party manifestos give an overview of policy, but personal interaction will give an impression of the person, their positions and integrity of the candidate.

We pray that local alliances will help create spaces that encourage productive political discussion. This includes hosting panel discussions with local politicians. We pray for blessings on those encounters and the relationships fostered through them.

We pray that people will go and vote. As Christians, we need to take this responsibility seriously and encourage others to do the same.

We pray for the safety of our country in the weeks before elections. So far, the summer has been peaceful in Germany, but the terrorist attacks in Spain and Finland remind us how fragile that peace is; therefore we pray against those forces seeking to destroy it.

We pray for Germany and everyone voted into positions of responsibility immediately after the election – for wisdom, courage, and integrity in their leadership.

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