Childrens Ministry Report

 – By Harry Bryans – In June over 60 of us gathered just north of London for a smaller gathering focused on our Global Children’s Forum work teams. Most of the time during those four days was spent working in five focus areas. The FAMILY Project Work Team (PWT) in which I participate began developing a Family Country Conversation Pack, a Family Web Centre, a new video and partnership building with existing networks. The Family Country Conversation Pack is now available in English at and is being translated into a number of other European languages. We hope to be able to pilot several such national conversations over the next 12 months. Those EAs that would like to help host such an event can contact me regarding this. More information will be available at the General Assembly. Directly following this I was at the Transform World Summit which was held for the first time in Europe in Geneva, Switzerland and Macon, France where I also met with some WEA and EEA participants. The 4-14 Window Movement is also associated with this. I worked with the “Family Challenge” and “Family Sphere” teams with which there is clearly an exciting converging of focus and partnering efforts around children, youth and family. On 12th September our steering committee of the EEA Youth Network met near Frankfurt to prepare for the General Assembly and plan the way ahead. I have been invited to participate in the 2nd Lausanne Orthodox Initiative Forum in Albania 15 – 19th September with a view to develop connections with EA leaders there and with Orthodox leaders with a vision and passion for youth and children’s ministry. I can give feedback from this at the GA.

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