Continue to remember Ukraine

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  • November 7, 2014
Continue to remember Ukraine
We continue to remember all who are suffering in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and pray for peace, reconciliation and long term stability. EEA is particularly concerned that sometimes Evangelicals have been particular targets for violence and abuse. Recently however, we received the following more encouraging news from Pavel Unguryan, an Evangelical leader and politician. On October 3, the Parliament of Ukraine hosted a meeting of the country’s leadership with the members of All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations. At a time when people are dying, shells are exploding, and tanks move through the streets causing a depressing atmosphere of war, Christians inspire by their faith and show that there is a “way out” with God…. State leaders expressed their gratitude to all faith-based organizations for their care for the Ukrainian people and the country as a whole during these difficult times. Regardless of the denomination the believers continue to preach Jesus Christ and show His love and forgiveness to the people in a tangible way. They hold prayer meetings in the city parks and squares, establish centres of free psychological and medical assistance, host, feed and dress refugees…. I ask you to continue praying for Ukraine, for true friendship between Ukraine and Russia, and for God’s intervention in the destiny of Ukraine.

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