Watch EEA´s February Zoom Café on Conspiracy Theories

Watch EEA´s February Zoom Café on Conspiracy Theories

The monthly EEA Zoom Café brings together EEA members, networks and friends every last Wednesday of the month. The Zoom Café includes 15 minutes of inspiring input and 45 minutes of free interaction time in breakout rooms.


In EEA’s February 2021 Zoom Café Stefan Gustavsson talked on conspiracy theories. Stefan (Director of Apologia – the Center for Christian Apologetics in Stockholm/Sweden) is an internationally known apologist, debater and speaker. He is a trained theologian, university lecturer, former general secretary of SEA – the Swedish Evangelical Alliance and esteemed author of the books Christian on good grounds, Do as God – become human, The skeptic’s guide to Jesus (parts 1 and 2) and Does faith need to be defended? Manifesto for Christian apologetics.


The Zoom Café was inspired by a webinar hosted by IFES Europe on the topic “Bearing False Witness – the Christian response to conspiracy theories” with Stefan Gustavsson, which Julia Doxat-Purser followed and summarized for us. Please find the summary here. The original webinar can also be watched here.


Watch the complete EEA Zoom Café here:


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