EEA Newsletter September 2017

EEA Newsletter September 2017

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Dear EEA News Readers,

Equipping is one of the main tasks of the EEA. If you read this Newsletter you will find a lot of equipping. A lot of material which you can use in your own situation.

Are you actually aware that equipping only works if the EEA members and friends equip the EEA? As you can see, there are two papers announced which have been done by one of our Affiliate members. The initiative to write a paper on Gender and one on Sexuality Education came from The European Educators’ Christian Association (EurECA). EEA staff gave input and guidance. And the result are two helpful papers on human identity to equip you, along with another two written by EEA staff themselves.

Next month, we will be sharing more resources, written both by staff and by friends.

I could go on. But this is one of the longest newsletter ever already. So, I just encourage you to read for yourself and think and pray who you are going to equip with what you glean. It probably will involve some translation work. Make sure you channel back your translation also to us from the EEA. We will put it on the EEA website and others might be thankful for it.  And do let us know when you have produced resources that others might appreciate.

Excited to equip and thankfully being equipped.


Thomas Bucher

EEA General Secretary


In this issue: