Empowering Families through Scripture

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  • September 4, 2015
d6D6 is a movement intentional about empowering parents, homes, marriages, leaders, and churches to live out the story of Deuteronomy 6. This Scripture paints a beautiful picture for the family and of God’s heart for discipleship at home. The family is God’s original small group. D6 provides resources to align the church and home to accomplish God’s design of generational discipleship. Find out more at www.d6family.com EEA’s Childrens Ministry Associate will also be participating in the first D6 Family Conference in France will be in Paris 25-26 September. http://conferenced6.frbook Organised by a partnership of French ministries and the CNEF, this is an exciting development in a vital new focus on the family and discipleship in the home. In exchange for contact details a FREE EBook in French can be downloaded from the site.

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