European Regional Creation Care Conference

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  • June 19, 2017
European Regional Creation Care Conference

European Regional Creation Care Conference Lausanne/WEA Global Campaign for Creation Care and the Gospel Location: Les Courmettes (A Rocha France), near Nice, France 10-14 September 2017

Calling all Christians in Europe! You are invited to attend a special conference at the beautiful Les Courmettes Centre, near Nice, to join us in exploring God’s Word (the Bible), God’s World (the state of the planet), and God’s Work (how Christians can be, and already are being, part of the solution). We have a range of exciting speakers, including top bible scholars Dr Chris Wright (Langham International – UK) and Dr Rosalee Velloso-Ewell (World Evangelical Alliance – Brazil); scientists Dr Deepa Senapathi (University of Reading – India / UK) and Marcial Felgueiras (A Rocha – Portugal); expert on consumerism and lifestyle Dr Ruth Valerio (Tearfund – UK); former Director of Friends of the Earth UK and now CEO of A Rocha UK, Andy Atkins; renewable energy expert, Dr Max Boegli (Switzerland), and the leaders of the global Lausanne / World Evangelical Creation Care Campaign, Rev Ed Brown (USA) and Rev Dave Bookless (UK), plus others from Germany, France and elsewhere.   How is creation care integral mission? What can the history of slavery teach us about climate justice? How can we get our churches to engage in caring for God’s world? Is it possible to keep going for the long-haul against the tide of environmental degradation? How can we restore our economy? How can my daily lifestyle bring change?   There will be a mix of plenary talks and interactive seminars on these questions and more. Time will also be set aside to meet in national groups to think through how to make a difference together to care for creation when back home in our local contexts. Let’s create a movement of change amongst Christians across Europe!   What you need to know: Who should come? Christians across Europe. We especially want to encourage young adults 18-35. We have kept costs as low as possible to encourage all Europeans to attend. What will we do? The conference will be a mix of plenary sessions and workshops (in English). We will also explore and enjoy God’s creation around the beautiful Domaine de Courmettes, have time to get to know each other, and pray and reflect.   Registration: is now open at Any questions should be sent to This European conference on Creation Care and the Gospel is the 8th in a series of regional conferences organised by the Lausanne Movement and the World Evangelical Alliance, in partnership with A Rocha International, Care of Creation and, in this case, the European Evangelical Alliance.

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