Fairness for Asylum Seekers

Fairness for Asylum Seekers

Many asylum seekers can fail the asylum process when they don’t deserve to.

So EEA has produced 2 new resources.


The first – A good practice guide for immigration officials.

This explains legalities and realities of religion or belief, including why asking purely knowledge questions about faith in an interview will favour those who can crib for the “exam” but let down genuine believers with, for example, poor literacy. EEA recommendations include compulsory training, a belief terminology dictionary and an advisory council from faith communities.


The second – A good practice guide for Christians helping asylum seekers during the asylum legal process.

This looks at the vital role of a friend, some core legal details, preparing for interview and perhaps also for deportation.


EEA hopes that these resources will result in fairer asylum decisions and better support for individuals.

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