Family Conflict and Domestic Abuse in six Asian countries

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  • September 15, 2022
Family Conflict and Domestic Abuse in six Asian countries

The Asia Evangelical Alliance offers a free webinar on 28 September 2022, 1-3pm CET (12-2pm UK time), on the Asia-wide survey results on domestic abuse in Christian families.


Family is our life. Abuse has no place in it. But what does the survey among evangelical Christian members of churches from 6 countries in Asia say? The results may shock you. What percentage of Christian families experience physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and/or sexual abuses in their homes? Does the level of spirituality of a man or woman influence domestic abuse? How has the church attended to the issue of domestic abuse? The webinar will reveal the answers. The Asia Evangelical Alliance thanks the National Evangelical Alliances and the AEA network of friends who took time to conduct the survey in their countries. The results call for action in local churches, congregations and families.


Whoever is interested is cordially invited to be the privileged first group of people to hear the aggregate findings that are ground-breaking information. The Asia Evangelical Alliance welcomes you to participate by registering using this LINK.


The Asia Evangelical Alliance emphasizes: “May the Lord who placed us in families be honored and glorified as we join hands to raise awareness of this hidden issue, and take loving actions to restore our families to wholeness in Christ.”

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