Finishing Well

Finishing Well

Another year has passed and we find ourselves in the midst of the busy Christmas season again. And once again, there sometimes seems to be little sign of the silent night that is so often sung about. In the weekly newsletter of EEA’s Hope for Europe Network EurECA – European Educators’ Christian Association, Graham Coyle, chair of the network, shares an encouraging practice for keeping your mind fixed on Jesus in this time. A wonderful idea that can help not only teachers find a place of tranquillity and contemplation in the busy season!


Finishing Well

It’s almost the end of term, and as we approach Christmas the pace of school life seems to increase day by day. At the same time, our own energy levels can be falling as we anticipate the holidays, which themselves may be packed with family celebrations and activities. In times such as this, it can be true our personal time with the Lord is increasingly under pressure from the needs of work, family and even church. How can we ensure we finish this term well?


I’m certain the Lord has understanding and compassion towards us about these things, he knows our weaknesses (Heb 4:15). I’m also certain He always provides an answer to difficulties. In this case, I have found the simple practice of thankfulness is wonderfully helpful to keep my mind fixed on Him (Isa 26:3). So, here’s a simple exercise in thankfulness to fit easily into these busy days. Try spending one minute on each of these, though don’t feel you have to do it all at once, spread them out through the day.


• Thank Him for His love for you today.

• Thank Him that He has promised to be with you all day and in all circumstances today.

• Thank Him for every pupil you will teach today.

• Thank Him for every colleague you will interact with today.

• Thank Him for every opportunity you will have to share His goodness and joy with today.

• Thank Him for any former pupils you have influenced who come to mind today.

• Thank Him that He can reveal Himself to you and others through your work today.

• Thank Him for your family today.

• Thank Him for your friends today.

• Thank Him again for His love for you today. (Ps 92:2)

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